The First Speaker of Mage Titans Mini

The early bird tickets are almost all gone, we thought it would be nice to start your long bank holiday weekend on a high, with the announcement of the first speaker

A real Magento enthusiast, major open source contributor, and active community member. Someone who offers deep technological insight whilst shedding light on seemingly impossible situations. And he does this all with a smile.

He has recently launched his Mage2Kata podcasts on YouTube, for which you can also read the accompanying text on his blog. This speaker is one of our well-loved regulars, appearing in the original; Mage Titans 2014, Mage Titans 2015, Mage Titans Milan – The Italian Edition, and now… Mage Titans Mini.

You may have guessed it by now:

  • VinaiKopp

We would like to welcome Vinai Kopp to kick start our line-up.

He will be following on from his previous talks, this time focusing on the big question, seemingly on everyone’s lips at the moment; “What to keep in mind when writing tests”.

There are so many more announcements to come!

Call for papers

We are on the look out for some exciting new Magento blood to speak. If you’ve got something to say, a nugget of wisdom that gets passed around the office, something that you have created/discovered/researched/practiced/anything Magento-centric, then please get involved in our call for papers. Send your idea in before the 3rd of April 2016. Read here for more details.

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