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Mage Titans 2015

Who is next on stage?

We’ve had great feedback so far about the event, thanks so much for your support! Ben and Vinai have been confirmed for a second year and we very much look forward to their talks. As such big names in Magento I bet you are wondering who could stand on stage with them!?

We are pleased to announce one of the original Magento developers:

Ivan Chepurnyi

Original Magento Core Developer, Trainer, Consultant, Support Technician, and all-round Magento enthusiast


Hello Ivan, it’s really great to hear that you’re joining the Mage Titan’s line-up

We have a few short questions for you:

Did you happen to hear about Mage Titans from last year?

A. Yes, I was planning to come last year but unfortunately I couldn’t, I had a crazy schedule for November. However I watched videos of the most interesting topics to me.

That’s great news, so what impressed you most? Was there a talk that you particularly enjoyed?

A. I must admit, the talks of Vinai and Alistair. They have both raised important messages to the community. Design of application and performance, both of the topics are my favourite areas for discussions and improvements via my open source projects.

In a few words, can you give us a hint at what your talk will be about this year?

A. My talk is about the most sacred area of improvements in Magento – it is the core. I am going to raise the most interesting ways on improving its performance and at the same time make it easier to customize the system. High performance does not mean less flexibility, like most of the people think.

Is there anything else that your eager to tell us?

A. Just that I will be happy to visit the UK for the first time. I have travelled to a lot of countries already but haven’t had a chance yet to visit a country that is on the other side of North Sea.

Ivan, it’s really great to chat to you, we can’t wait to hear your talk – please keep us updated on your projects, won’t you!?

We will be announcing more speakers soon. In the meantime you can check out last year’s line-up on our YouTube channel. More Magento interviews, articles and other news to come. Follow us on social to stay in the loop or sign up to our newsletter.

Take it easy Mage Titans.

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