Mage Titans 2015 Speakers Announced!

Mage Titans 2015

Back by high demand.

We had such a great response from last November’s event, the inaugural Mage Titans, we decided that we definitely had to bring it back for another year. The date was announced at the start of April, (07-11-15, just in case you missed it!) and we have been quietly shuffling about in the background gathering all of the elements to make it even better.

It is time.

We are now very pleased to announce the first two, confirmed, speakers at Mage Titans 2015. They are none other than last year’s hit speakers:


Long-Time Magento Developer, The Magento Evangelist and Community Manager:

Ben Marks!


One of Magento’s Earliest Adopters, Magento Developer, Trainer, Consultant & Advisor:

Vinai Kopp!

Last year, Ben had everyone hanging on baited breath to hear more about Magento 2’s developments and Vinai’s talk was voted one of the top talks of 2014 in Net Magazine.

Hello Ben and Vinai, first we want to thank you so much for agreeing to come back for a second year!

We have a few short questions for you both:

What brought you back for a second year? Or what tempted you to get involved in the first place?

B. MageTitans is such a focused, distinct event for Magento developers. And you Manchester folk are way nicer than Londoners.

V. MageTitans 2014 had such an awesome vibe, I want more of it. I think is was so special because of it’s pure focus on developer topics. I learned a lot from the other speakers and the attendees, too.

What (moment / feature / idea / comment / talk / concept) did you enjoy the most from last year’s event?

V. I really enjoyed Alistair Steads talk a lot. His thoughts on scaling the database with Tungsten Replicator were very valuable to me. I also enjoyed meeting many new developers and having deep technical discussions. It’s fun to nerd out over really challenging problems.

B. I really liked the panel, mainly because people associated me with all the smart stuff being said. I also liked the moments when the crowd offered advice to us and to the one chap thinking to get into Magento.

In one word or a cryptic clue, can you give us a hint at what your talk will be about this year?

B. It will involve evangelism and the number two.

V. I’m really curious about that, too! It will be on a topic that interests and inspires me the most at the time. Currently I’m thinking a lot about module architecture. Probably it will also include more Magento 2 content, since that will be released by then. Another thing I’m getting more and more interested in is DDD (domain driven design). It’s interesting to figure out ways to use all the techniques and processes that have been developed in that context within eCommerce projects built on top of a platform like Magento. Okay, this was way more then one word or a clue! In essence, it all boils down to developing maintainable software that does its job well, whilst having fun and learning along the way.

Is there anything else that you’re burning to add?

V. Thank you for your interest in having me back as a speaker. I promise to make the presentation as interesting and useful as I can! I’m looking forward to seeing many faces from last year again, as well as many new ones, too.

B. If you’ve any hesitation about going to see this event, well, while you’re debating, just buy a ticket.

Many thanks to Ben and Vinai for stopping to answer these questions, we are really excited.

We will be confirming more of the Mage Titans 2015 speakers soon, watch this space. You can check out last year’s line-up on our YouTube channel. More Magento interviews, articles and other news to come. Follow us on Twitter to stay in the loop or sign up to our newsletter on the website.

Take it easy Mage Titans.

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