A Mini call for papers

The tickets are on sale, the sponsors are clamouring at the door, and the speakers are lining-up, but before we run ahead we want to know what you want!


We are announcing an open call for Magento papers.

With so many, very talented and knowledgeable Magento developers out there, we know that many of you have a lot to offer to the community. Whether you are a seasoned, experienced speaker or this is your first time, we want you to come forward with your ideas for a Magento-centric talk. Don’t worry if it is your first time on stage, we’re all very nice, we don’t bite.

We all know that Magento is a vastly encompassing platform. With not only an innumerable number of modules and integrations available, but also different approaches to design, hosting, innovation, management, and more – talks can and will vary immensely. With so many specialist areas of Magento we know that we won’t be able to cover everything in a day, so, if you have a great idea and really want to share it with your peers, please get in touch!

For inspiration you can watch the videos or read the retrospectives from the previous events to get you started (2014, 2015, Italy). The successful Magento paper(s) will be called in to stand and speak on stage in front of a 200-strong community base.


Now we know that you’re excited. Simply pull your Magento papers idea into a paragraph* accompanied by a little bio** and send it over to [email protected] with the title ‘Mage Titans’ Call For Papers’. We probably won’t be able to get straight back to you but we will definitely keep you updated here on the blog and on Twitter.

* we want you to enter, don’t spend too long writing an essay, just get it into us, 150 words should be more than enough!

** your name, role, specialities. We can contact you for more information should you be successful

You have three weeks to get your ideas in, we will close the call for papers on 6pm, Sunday the 10th of April 2016.

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