Convince your boss to send you to Mage Titans

We’re nearly one week away from the third Mage Titans Manchester, so not long left to get your ticket. Youíve got two choices, either purchase yourself a ticket or get sponsored by your boss – after all, itís in your companies best interest. So, letís explain to your boss what makes this conference so unique … Continue reading Convince your boss to send you to Mage Titans

2015 After Party

Sponsored by Klarna Tomorrow, after the interesting bits are over, we know it’s a chore but thought you might like to join us for a beer. At the end of the day we will be winding down with a drink at UKFast and then heading over to New Wakefield Street where the after party sponsors, … Continue reading 2015 After Party

The Panel Discussion:

Mage Titans Mini Panel The feedback from Mage Titans 2015 was highly appreciated, but there was one thing that stood out – you told us that something was missing – the panel discussion. So, for the Mini event, despite the shorter timescale we didnít want to deprive the Mage Titans and Magento developer community from … Continue reading The Panel Discussion:

Supporting the RMCH

Time Saves Lives Throughout 2016 all proceeds from Mage Titans will to The Royal Manchester Childrenís Hospital. The Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital provides specialist healthcare services for children and young people throughout the North West, as well as nationally and internationally. Making a difference for every child, every day The hospital sees 220,000 patient visits … Continue reading Supporting the RMCH