2015 Un Speaker Update

Unfortunately we have to break the sad news that Nathan will be unable to present his talk on “Writing SOLID Code in Magento 2” at Mage Titans Mini due to ill health. But fear not, we have decided to fill the time with a barcamp/un-conference style slot.

Mage Titans are passionate about enabling developers to be better connected and to push communication. We believe giving the opportunity for new people to gain speaking experience is important.

For those not so familiar with barcamp/un-conferences, this will be a taster slot that will give control to the audience as to what topics will be covered. It will also offer the opportunity to gain speaking experience for anyone who wants to volunteer to speak on the day.

  • At event registration, we will look to capture the topics people wish to hear about and also the topics people are willing to talk about.
  • The available slot will be used to cover topics for between 5-10 mins each.
  • At the event coffee break, people will have the opportunity to vote on the topics of interest.
  • At the start of the available slot we will run through each topic in popularity order and offer the opportunity to volunteers to speak, if no-one is available we will move on to the next topic. This will continue as time allows.

So get your thinking caps on! Be prepared to vote on or suggest new topics, but if you have that interest in speaking in the future, here is your opportunity to start now. Your fellow developers and Mage Titans are there to support you!

Please note: If you are thinking of offering to speak, slides are optional, but if you do have them, please ensure they are in pdf format.

If you have any questions please get in touch for more information.

Please see the updated Agenda page for the new running order.

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