The Panel Discussion:

Mage Titans Mini Panel

The feedback from Mage Titans 2015 was highly appreciated, but there was one thing that stood out – you told us that something was missing – the panel discussion.

So, for the Mini event, despite the shorter timescale we didn’t want to deprive the Mage Titans and Magento developer community from the valuable chance to ask the Magento experts literally anything, connected to Magento of course! And with one hour scheduled in, there should be enough time for some really good conversations, and hopefully a debate or two, to take place.

On the panel discussion we invite Vinai Kopp, Ben Marks, Ian Cassidy, and James Cowie, with Tony Brown moderating the session. We will be answering as many questions as we can on the day, but please take the time to think of something that’s really aching to get out and email or tweet it to us.

Take it easy titans.

Question? email or tweet it to us.

P.S. Even if you can’t make it on the day, the whole event will be recorded and out live on our YouTube channel. Check out 2014’s panel discussion.

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