Convince your boss to send you to Mage Titans

We’re nearly one week away from the third Mage Titans Manchester, so not long left to get your ticket.

You’ve got two choices, either purchase yourself a ticket or get sponsored by your boss – after all, it’s in your companies best interest. So, let’s explain to your boss what makes this conference so unique and worthwhile. Here are our top 3 reasons:

1. A networking opportunity you can’t pass up

Our aim is to connect, collaborate, and contribute with our Magento community. To encourage self-improvement and knowledge sharing between developers, and offer you a valuable opportunity to join Magento community experts in exploratory discussions. If you want to meet and get inspired by the Magento glitterati, then this is the conference to attend.

2. Save on training costs

Mage Titans is open to all at a fraction of the cost, it has something for every level of Magento developer. With many presentations and so much Magento-goodness packed into one day, plus an option of a hands on dev workshop, this conference certainly offers value for money. It’s also on a Saturday, so no 9 to 5 downtime – you’re willing to give up your weekend as you know how valuable it is.

3. Stay ahead of the curve

The industry leaders are always ahead of the curve. In order to stay competitive, you must also be knowledgeable about current Magento 2 updates and challenges. This year our Magento 2 content is strong and from people that have already trialled, tested and perfected it. And with four speakers from Magento, you’ll get the inside scoop before anyone else.

Of course every boss is different and some may take a little more persuasion than others, but ultimately employee investment is key in such a fast paced sector. If all else fails then you can always revert back to a good old arm twist.

Good luck and hopefully we’ll see you there

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