5 minutes with Anna Völkl

As this year’s only female speaker, we’re looking forward to hearing Anna’s talk and hope it inspires more female Magento developers to speak at next year’s Mage Titans Manchester.

Anna is a Senior Magento Developer at E-CONOMIX in Linz, Austria. She has been specialising in Magento since 2011 and was announced as Magento Master (Mentor) in 2016. Prior to this she was a Magento Developer at LimeSoda, as well as a Java & PHP Software Architect and Project Manager since 2004.

We asked Anna a few short questions –

What are you most proud of?
There’s a lot I am proud of. Most importantly I am proud of my husband and all we have achieved together.
As someone active in the Magento Community, I am proud to be part of such an engaged, inspiring and powerful community and being able to talk and exchange ideas with the best people of our ecosystem.

Who do you most admire in your career?
I admire anyone who manages work, family and open source/community contributions, and I admire all their girlfriends, boyfriends, wives and husbands for their patience! Also, I admire anyone who is a better developer than I am.

Why did you want to get involved in Mage Titans Manchester?
I’ve been following Mage Titans since it started 2 years ago. I was fascinated with how cool this event was and how it was promoted, but up until now I’ve not managed to attend. I have been to Mage Titans in Milan at the beginning of this year and at this point it was clear to me I HAVE to make it to Mage Titans UK too :slightly_smiling_face: I also love the charity aspect of the event.

Is there anything else that you are eager to tell us about your talk?
I am looking forward making developer’s passionate and more aware of secure coding and showing them how easy this can be!

Many thanks to Anna for stopping to answer these questions, we’re really excited to hear your talk.

Talk: Secure Input and Output Handling

Take it easy Titans.

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