Where to stay in Manchester

Where to stay in Manchester

We know our Titans fly in from all over the world so we want to ensure you have a restful night’s sleep after your journey and busy days of fun-packed Magento talks! Finding a hotel in a City you’re not familiar with can sometimes be a bit of a challenge so we’ve found a few which we hope will narrow the search for you.

We’ve provided a range of hotels to suit all budgets, all are located within walking distance of the The Comedy Store (Mage Titans venue). We’ve included how far they are from here and how long it takes to walk there. Please note that the hotels in close proximity of the venue will soon book up as the date of Mage Titans approaches, so be sure to book a room as soon as possible. Failing that, you might want to bring some taxi fare if your hotel is located a bit further out. Or pack a good pair of shoes for the extra walk! And that’s no bad thing; a morning walk through Manchester city centre will certainly awaken the senses.

All hotels are close by to tram stops, Deansgate Rail Station and Manchester Airport. Piccadilly train station, which is located in the heart of Manchester, is approximately 1 mile away. Hey, we’ve thought of everything Titans!

Hotels around a £100 per night:

If you’re after something that doesn’t exceed the £100 per night mark, check out these hotels. They’re all comfortable, clean and modern hotels that are perfect for your short stay in Manchester.

Motel One

• from £84 per night
• 0.9 miles
• 20 mins walk

Castlefield Hotel

• from £85 per night
• 0.1 miles
• 8 mins walk

Premier Inn Deansgate (Medlock Street)

• From £103 per night
• 0.1 miles
• 6 mins walk

Hotels over £100 per night:

If you’re planning on pushing the boat out and want to stay in slightly more luxurious accommodation (and why not?!), these are a selection of great hotels near to the venue. If you want some amazing views of Manchester by night, we recommend The Hilton. Oh, and the cocktails at Cloud 23 are a must too!

Arora Hotel

• from £107 per night
• 0.5 miles
• 11 mins walk


• from £109 per night
• 0.5 miles
• 10 mins walk

MacDonald Manchester Hotel & Spa

• From £111 per night
• 0.8 miles
• 16 mins walk

Hilton Manchester Deansgate

• From £118 per night
• 0.1 miles
• 3 mins walk

Blue Rainbow Aparthotel

• from £120 per night
• 0.1 miles
• 3 mins walk

INNSIDE by Melia

• From £127 per night
• 0.2 miles
• 5 mins walk

The Midland – Qhotels

• from £123 per night
• 0.3 miles
• 7 mins walk

The Lowry Hotel

• from £144 per night
• 0.8 miles
• 17 mins walk

We wish you a safe journey – wherever you’re travelling from- and hope that you enjoy your stay in beautiful Manchester 🙂

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