Mage Titans 2015’s Newest Speaker!

Speak to me!

We told you it would be good – the confirmed line-up is taking shape we recently announced the next big name for Mage Titans 2015. Winging over from New York, you may know her as Magento Girl, we introduce you to:

Kimberely Thomas

Seasoned Technology Leader, Back & Front End Developer, Large-Scale Architect, Managing Director, Magento Evangelist:

Kimberely Thomas

Magento Girl

Hello Kimberely, we are really pleased that you’re joining us!

We have a few short questions for you:

We are rather impressed by your biography, you are very seasoned, you obviously love technology and Magento! Is there one thing that you particularly enjoy, something that always makes you smile when dealing with Magento? Whether it be architecture / front-end / back-end / management / community.

A. I really enjoy architecting solutions for clients – taking their business requirements and translating them to technical specs and working with the development team to implement them. Working with Magento allows me to work with great clients and use the framework to offer complex solutions to their business problems. But what makes Magento really special is the community – I now have friends across the world and get to travel. The community is awesome.

Do you travel more for work or for conferences? And… where has been your favourite place to date?

A. I get to travel for conferences and work, which is a nice perk. My last trip was to Spain and we had meetings in Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona. It was a great trip to see 3 great cities!

What has been your favourite project to date and why?

A. My favorite project so far is City Winery. They are a unique business that sells tickets to live music events as well as wine. We built a custom solution for them like ticketmaster where you can select your seats from a map and purchase the tickets. They are a ticketless venue so we also built an iPad Checkin app for customers to checkin when they arrive at the venue. It’s been the most unique ecommerce project I’ve worked on so far!

And you keep yourself busy with all these events on top of everything else, what do you do like to do in your downtime?

A. When I am not working I spend time with my family – my husband Michael and my two children Zorie and Xander. We like to do outdoors stuff where we live in Rockland County like camping, biking, kayaking, skiing.

Did you happen to hear about Mage Titans from last year at all?

A. I heard it was a really great developer conference!

Finally, in a few words or a cryptic clue, can you give us a hint at what your talk will be about this year?

A. I’m hoping to share some techniques I’ve honed over the years to make development more fun.

Is there anything else that you want to add?

A. I would like to make a special shout out to my developers – Agustin, Brenda and Martin! We’ve worked together for a few years and I couldn’t survive without them. We make a great team.


Thanks so much Kimberely, we are really excited to have you join us. Hopefully we will support your love of the community and we’ll all make a few more world-wide friends!

We will be announcing more speakers soon. In the meantime you can check out last year’s line-up on our YouTube channel. More Magento interviews, articles and other news to come. Follow us on social to stay in the loop or sign up to our newsletter.

Take it easy Mage Titans.

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