The Titans Come From Far And Wide

This Saturday we will be holding the very first Mage Titans event

Every year we see brilliant speakers at well organised, insightful events around the world, but we have to travel so far to reach them: London and further afield. This is one of the reasons that we wanted to create Mage Titans, to bring it closer to home and do things slightly differently at the same time.


We are very pleased to have among us on the day; the world’s experts on Magento, the names that all of you will recognise. The people that live, breathe and dream Magento. We can see that the agenda for the day has not gone unnoticed, as we have such a far reaching demographic. Quite obviously the majority are coming from the North West of the UK, but we are excited to see so many joining us from London, Edinburgh, even someone from Cork. There will also be quite a few people hailing from the Netherlands as well as Italy.

We welcome you all and if you are visiting and you find yourself at a loose end – check out our previous post

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