Lightning Talks Announced!

We’re excited to announce the Lightning Talks for the inaugural Mage Titans event.

We will be welcoming to the stage a range of speakers and we are happy to say they are from right here in the North West.

Title: Magento cache tags and debugging

Speaker: Tony Brown, Technical Director at Space 48
Description: The Magento caching mechanism is important to performance and scalability, how can you be sure it is working as intended? A discussion of experiences and techniques to understand your cache tags.

Title: Extending Magento with Backbone.js

Speaker: Yousef Cisco, Front-end developer at Ampersand
Description: How Backbone.js solves known performance issues, improves cachability of pages and can be used to build client-side functionality such as a bundle product configurator.

Title: Separation of code and state

Speaker: Rick Steckles, Technical Director at CTI
Description: An experimental, alternative approach to Magento development where configuration and test data is stored in the file system, removing the reliance on the database and providing a more consistent basis for automated testing.

Title: Why you shouldn’t be a Magento developer

Speaker: Mat O’Connor, Head of Digital at R1
Description:┬áIt’s going to highlight the awesome things and challenges you get with Magento and what makes working with Magento so rewarding, so is actually quite positive

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