Generation Innovation:

Sage Pay sponsor and judge the Mage Titans Innovation Award

At Sage Pay we service over 189 countries and process 1.9 billion successful eCommerce transactions (worth £700 billion) per year – that’s 20% of the UK’s eCommerce market. These numbers don’t even include our face to face capabilities, but they substantiate our ability to grow and innovate within a bustling and fiercely competitive market place. As technology advances and changes consumer shopping behaviour, online security has never been so important for businesses operating within eCommerce.

Keeping our gateway secure, reliable and available whilst releasing multiple codes is one of our top priorities and we pride ourselves on our industry-leading 99.99% uptime. This doesn’t happen by accident, however. Innovation lies at the core of Sage Pay.

Always at the forefront of innovation, Sage Pay are pleased to sponsor the Mage Titan’s Innovation Award. We believe that the payments industry is driven by the people working within the technology sector – and those who are creative, bold and ready to push boundaries.

Meeting your customer demand

While eCommerce gets bigger and bigger, there is huge opportunity for businesses to innovate. Customers are increasingly looking for better and more convenient ways to pay for goods and services and, as a business, you simply must deliver. Our 2015 Payments Landscape Report tells us that over a quarter of consumers want a greater range of payment types.

Unfortunately, a third of businesses don’t think that offering a greater range of payment types would encourage customer loyalty, with nearly a half saying that payment innovation is not a priority. Treading water doesn’t just lead to customer frustration, but puts your business in a hazardous situation.

Innovation is the key to success

Success looks a bit different to every businesses, but innovation isn’t saved just for those with big budgets. We see some of the most innovation from start-ups and small businesses who thrive on learning and energizing their business operations from within. Innovative businesses – large or small – can enjoy the rewards of economic success.

As an example, our recent Payments Landscape Report tells us that consumers who are aged 25-34 are more likely to shop at a business that offers a greater range and innovative range of payments. This demographic are many retailers’ future customers so innovating your payments should be a key attraction.

We love to innovate

At Sage Pay we have a sophisticated approach to payments and are keen to help businesses grow. While we’re sponsoring the Mage Titans Innovation Award, our very own Head of Innovation, Rik Blacow is also one of the event’s judges. Rik Blacow has been working in technology since 1996 and has been at Sage Pay since 2008 and is a key player when it comes to innovation. He initially set up the QA function at Sage Pay and has been head of innovation practice since 2012, focusing on the future product possibilities, payment platform enhancements and generally getting the best out of the Sage Pay platform.

This post was written by Sangeetha Narasimhan – The Partner Marketing Manager at Sage Pay, our Innovation Award sponsors – thanks, we couldn’t do it without you!

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