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Call for papers extended until Monday 9th July

Hey UK Mage Titans.

We’re extending the deadline for call for papers until Monday 9th July (9 AM). We’ve had lots of great submissions, many of which are from seasoned speakers and experts in our community. However, we’d love to provide an extra week and encourage new speakers to consider submitting their talk ideas.

From someone that has attended MageTitans for years before I actually became a Space48er, it has always had a special place in the conference schedule for me. From the first event, it was clear that it was different from the official Magento and Meet Magento events I had attended. It was a place solely for developers to unite and to share. Where the air was filled with war stories and rich, bite-size Magento tips from every attendee regardless of whether they were on stage or not.

In the years since it’s been great to see new faces on stage sharing their experiences and solutions. Some go on to become regular speakers, some are “one and done” and that’s ok. We just want to make sure there’s a place to give people the opportunity to share and to grow.

Improving your public speaking is a daunting but rewarding task, but that’s not the only benefit. In my experience, actually committing to the talk has given me fervour to dive deeper on topics of interest. The process of digesting it into a format to be able to teach others has helped me to grasp it better myself. I’d argue that going through this process is even better, and a more enjoyable experience than being on stage itself! Though perhaps as a developer that’s not saying all that much.

Don’t worry too much about needing enough content to speak for 40 minutes. Some of my favourite talks are short, “lightning” talks. I get giddy at Christmas for the Queen’s speech so if 10 minutes is good enough for her, let that permit you to keep it short and sweet!

If you have an idea but aren’t sure whether it’s interesting enough or how to turn it into a “full” talk, shoot me a message on twitter, @bobbyshaw, or email. [email protected] and I’d be happy to go through it with you.

If you do submit, we would be happy to pair you with a mentor. This will be someone with prior speaking experience to help guide you through the preparation process and give you words of wisdom and support on the day.

Finally, while we don’t have an official policy on speaker travel and accommodation costs this year (it’s on my list for next year), if these costs make it difficult for you to attend, let us know and we will find a way to make it work. (UK travel only, sorry Fooman).

Submit your ideas

P.S. If you’re reading this and you know that there’s someone on your team that hasn’t spoken before, please do give them the encouragement to give it a whirl, they might even find out that they like it. Or they might hold a grudge against you forever, but if they’re British the worst-case scenario is that they’ll over-milk your tea, and they know that you don’t like it that milky. The scoundrels.

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