Announcement: The Innovation Award Shortlist

Meet the first on our shortlist

We are delighted to announce Ometria, the innovative data platform, as being our first shortlist for the Magento Innovation Award at the Mage Titans.

Ometria really wowed us with their combination of smart technology, great use of data and impressive customer base that have managed to pick up in such a short space of time. To best describe Ometria’s benefits, we thought we would let you hear direct from their CEO and founder, Ivan Mazour.

So what is Ometria – and how does it help?

Ometria is a customer insight and marketing automation platform. We believe that the two depend on each other entirely. If you just provide customer insight, it ends up sitting on people’s desks, and not acted on. And if you do marketing without first understanding your customers, you end up wasting time and money, and you end up annoying them. So Ometria gives retailers both the ability to understand their customers, and the ability to use that understanding to communicate with them better.

What makes Ometria so awesome for Magento stores?

We have built our product entirely by listening to our customers and their needs. And since we have focused on Magento from the very beginning, over 90% of our customers are on Magento, with over 100 Magento sites now using Ometria. So if you’re on Magento, that means that Ometria has been built specifically to solve your biggest challenge.

What does that mean in practice?

It means a one-day go live. We have integrated into Magento sites in under 2 minutes, and we have set up campaigns, based on customer data, that actually run and generate revenue that same day. Our Magento extension isn’t just some add-on that we knocked up. It is core to our functionality and powers our entire business.

What sort of impact has Ometria had on your customers?

There are three key benefits that retailers using Ometria see. The first, of course, is extra revenue. Which marketing team doesn’t want to increase revenues? We make sure that we drive ROI, and aren’t just another line in the budget. And we do it in a way that they simply cannot do with any other tool.

The second is an increase in customer engagement. Many of our case studies show specific metrics for the number of lapsed or lapsing customers that have been reactivated by our campaigns, and many show the increase in CTR and conversion rates.

And the third is better visibility into the customer base. Extremely fast-growth businesses, especially some of our VC-backed customers like Swoon Editions, Charlotte Tilbury and Rad, all of whom are on Magento, need to know exactly how they can grow faster.

With these three benefits combined, Ometria lets retailers make extra revenue, have happier customers, and grow even faster.

What has been your largest success that you have achieved for your customers?

We’ve got lots of great case studies with Magento retailers like Swoon Editions, MyTights and Finisterre – all of them see some amazing results, with customer engagement, customer reactivation and overall revenues going up significantly. Our latest case study is Seraphine. Their total email revenues went up 60% with Ometria powering their marketing.

You can visit Ometria here.


If you are looking to find out more about Ivan and his team’s innovation processes and tips, then check out Grant Kemp’s post about Ometria’s innovation Secret Recipe over on Connected

About the Innovation Award

For those of you who are innovative and would like to join Ivan and get in front of our ‘soon to be announced’ amazing judging panel then head over to our Award page. We are accepting all sorts of entries from early stage developer projects to fully formed products with customers. The catch – it needs to work or be built on Magento. Entries close on 26th of October 2015.

Take it easy Mage Titans!

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