Becoming certified


The Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer exam is a lot harder than to the Magento 1 equivalent. Many Magento 1 certified developers who enter the test expecting to pass have been disappointed. The scenario based questions require the ability to analyze the description, and then relate it to the question and answers. Generic OOP development principles have to be applied to the Magento 2 context.

This presentation covers the underlying principles and discusses some sample questions from the official study guide as well as some new ones. It also offers the opportunity to ask questions and discuss preparation techniques.

Attendees will get an idea of how ready they are to take the exam and how to prepare to pass the desired certification.

About Vinai

Vinai Kopp has worked as a freelance web-developer focusing on programming since 1998. In March 2008 he specialized in Magento, and has since worked in and collected experience during many very different projects. Today he works as a freelance developer and trainer for Magento developers, conducting inhouse training and open seminars. He also is the founder of, seasoned speaker, author, Magento certification board member.

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