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Sonja Riesterer

This talk is not about legalese. But it is about its essence: the conscious choice of words in order to say precisely what you mean while preventing negative consequences.Let us dwell a bit on our language, on the terms we use in software development and in the conversations around it. Why do we still talk of carts in web stores when there are none? Why does the future of the term whitelist look so grey? And why the heck do people swear so much in foreign languages?

About Sonja

Sonja is the Marketing Manager at integer_net, a Magento focused agency in Aachen, Germany. She enjoys the tightrope walk between search engine bots and human customers. For her contributions to the community, such as co-organising MageUnconference and the Magento meetup in Aachen, Sonja has been awarded as a Magento Master in 2017 and 2018.

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