Open Source Community and Reverse Mergers

Matt Asay


Adobe acquired Magento, the company, but there’s a much bigger opportunity for Magento, the community, to “acquire” Adobe. Let’s discuss ways that we can work together to ensure the Magento community grows stronger, and how it can, in turn, accelerate Adobe’s own open source ambitions

About Matt

Matt Asay is Head of Developer Ecosystem for Adobe, where previously he was vice president of mobile strategy. Prior to Adobe, Asay held a range of roles at open source companies: VP of Business Development, Marketing and Community at MongoDB, a leading big data database company; VP of Business Development at real-time analytics company Nodeable (acquired by Appcelerator); VP of Business Development and interim CEO at mobile HTML5 start-up Strobe (acquired by Facebook); COO at Canonical, a leading Linux and cloud vendor; and head of the Americas at Alfresco, a content management startup. Asay is an emeritus board member of the Open Source Initiative (OSI) and holds a J.D. from Stanford, where he focused on open source and other IP licensing issues. Asay writes regular columns for The Register, TechRepublic, and InfoWorld.

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