Level up your Layout

John Hughes


XML… it’s the ridicule of many a non Magento focused PHP developer and it’s days are numbered with PWA on the horizon. However, even in 2018, Magento 2’s layout system is still a powerful tool and utilised properly it can save you time and improve your frontend implementations.

Layout XML isn’t just for declaring page content, it can help you can remove code duplication, reduce technical debt, introduce standardisation and speed up future implementation times.

This talk will be a whistle stop tour of ways to improve your layout usage, including:

  • Creating super flexible and reusable page layouts with containers
  • Harnessing the power of arguments to reduce template overriding and create quick configurable, reusable components
  • Implementing view models to separate business logic from block code
  • Utilising handles to improve layout readability
  • Plus further tips and tricks to speed up your workflow

About John

John is a Magento obsessed developer and solution architect at Fisheye and is known in the office as ‘the guy that knows everything about Magento’; with over 6 years experience and four Magento 2 certifications that may be somewhat true…  Outside of work John is building MageQuest, an online learning resource for Magento, and can often be seen lurking around on Twitter.

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