Adding React to the current Knockout frontend

Jisse Reitsma


Many despise the current Knockout frontend of Magento 2 and this is why headless has become so popular. Magento itself is also building a headless approach – Magento PWA Studio – but it is not there yet. How to prepare for the new frontend while not letting go of the current frontend completely? One way is to add React components to the current M2 setup. This talk dives into the details of how to make this possible, including a way to call back to old M2 logic like sessions and price calculations.

About Jisse

Jisse Reitsma is the main extension developer and founder of Yireo – a small company from The Netherlands. He makes a living with helping Magento developers get control over Magento 2 and related technologies. Also, Yireo have organized developer conferences like MageTestFest and Reacticon, plus local usergroups and hackathons in The Netherlands. For this, he was awarded Magento Master Mover 2017 & 2018. Currently, besides trainings and extensions, Jisse is busy in the ExtDN (Magento Extension Developer Network) group that tries to increase extension quality and extension interoperability.

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