Checkout Magewire!


In this talk, you’ll learn about the Magewire package and its integration with Magento, including how it’s used in the Hyva checkout. I’ll provide an introduction to Magewire, demonstrate an example of how simple a change to the Hyva checkout is, and showcase new features. This talk is ideal for developers who want to learn more about Magewire and how it can be used to improve their Magento development.

About Willem

After a short but passionate carpenter career, I made the switch in 2009 to another passion, web development. Before joining Hyvä, I’ve worked agency side as Magento developer, architect and technical director. I’m the creator of Magewire, being a Senior Solution Engineer at Hyvä Themes. In my spare time, I love to cook, make long walks and work on and around the house.

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