The Future of Magento


Get ready for an exciting Magento discussion panel! Our panel of experts will gather to talk about the future of the platform and its role in eCommerce.

They will look at the Magento Association’s & Mage-OS’s role in the community and how they can bring people together to grow and improve the platform. They’ll discuss what merchants and agencies need from Magento to succeed and how it can provide the necessary tools and support.

The panelists will also explore the challenges of innovating and moving forward with Magento and what they need from Adobe to overcome them and they’ll share ways to attract new talent to the platform through education, culture, celebrating heroes, and collaboration with other eCommerce players.

Join us for an exciting discussion on the future of Magento!

About the Panel

Rebecca Brocton

Digital Project Manager

As a highly motivated and progress-focused Digital Project Manager with over 10 years of experience in eCommerce and Magento, Rebecca Brocton is passionate about driving successful project delivery. With a vast technical knowledge and web development background, Rebecca has a long-standing track record of creativity, initiative, and dependability in managing full life cycle implementations for national and international companies. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Rebecca is also passionate about raising awareness of mental health and giving back to the Magento community, her main focus is that attendees will leave feeling inspired, energized, and equipped with actionable takeaways they can apply immediately in their work and lives

Jon Woodall

Managing Director @ Space 48

Willem Wigman

Founder & CEO @ Hyvä Themes

Willem is the founder of Hyvä Themes, the fastest Magento frontend currently on the market. He has been working with Magento since 2011. After he started specializing in performance optimization on Magento, he accidentally built Hyvä out of frustration with the Luma theme and the PWA solutions currently on the market. Hyvä focuses heavily on performance, reducing complexity and thereby also reducing the build time and developer frustration.

Mathias Schreiber

Executive Director @ Magento Association

Mathias comes from a background in advertising in the music industry.

After venturing into musical instrument wholesale he moved to the advertising side of things in the late 90s.

He spent the next 20 years building Open Source business but then transitioned into the role of Executive Director for the Magento Association in late 2022.

The job is to have an open ear for anything Magento while making sure Magento remains competitive in the e-commerce ecosystem.

Mathias Schreiber

Thien-Lan Weber

Vice president, Board of directors @ Mage-OS

Thien-Lan is a business and marketing professional with over 20 years experience, mainly focused on Retail and eCommerce. She worked across three continents in over 10 companies including eBay, PayPal, Johnson & Johnson, and Accenture.

She joined the Magento ecosystem in 2016 when she was appointed CMO of OneStepCheckout and is now VP Strategy and Marketing at Hyvä. You might have met her at events on the hallway track or on stage.

Thien-Lan holds a Masters degree from HEC Paris Business school and lives in the south of France with her husband and teenage sons. In her spare time she enjoys playing tennis and is a drummer in a rock band.

Thien-Lan is also a big fan of Manchester legends Oasis!

Thien-Lan Weber

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