Docker for Magento Developers


Over a number of years, I have developed a Docker Stack for Magento/Adobe Commerce. It is aimed at agencies/developers who need to run multiple projects at once and need to be able to spin development instances up quickly and consistently.

It’s conceptually different to other offerings on the market, works cross-platform (including on Apple Mac) and is performant. Most importantly every bit of the stack (and the supporting tooling) is freely editable and not hidden away/in pre-compiled images. The supporting scripts are developed in Bash, so DevOps/Support teams can help without needing to learn PHP.

About Colin

Discovered Magento and it’s community in 2011 and has never looked back. At heart, a Magento developer but now in a largely hands-off capacity facilitating development at SQLI Digital Experience. When not at work enjoys spending time with family and travelling as much as possible in the UK and abroad.

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