Master The Art Of Team(s)


I have seen agencies growing big, and I have seen agencies falling apart. I experienced that when you do necessary changes, incredible things can happen, but in order for them to happen, you need to do the things that are (sometimes) so uncomfortable and difficult. What I realized that in the most cases the reason for growing up, or falling down are the people that stays and people that leave.

Whether you are developer, QA, PM, or in upper positions of the company, people are what matters the most. So in my speech I want to tackle different profiles of people and give you some inputs – who is a keeper, who needs to go, or who can stay under special circumstances. It is not enough to be the best in what you do, you need make others better, and sometimes that’s gap that is missed. I will use my experience (more than 7 years in the best ecommerce agencies) and tell you what works, and what doesn’t so that you do better.

About Antonija

Hey. I’m Antonija, working as head of PMO and Growth in interactiv4. Before I worked in interactiv4, I had worked in Inchoo agency. Both companies gave me great perspective on work and have taught me so much. Through my career I has been connected to eCommerce (Magento mostly) and I experienced so many positions through the companies that gave me incredible perspective about agency dynamic, people, teams. All these incredible companies shape me into person I’m today and experiences I’m keeping close to my heart. One of the things I’m truly passionate about is to share with everyone all that I figured our in order to help people in their everyday work. To help developers. To help anyone to be better, and do better.

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