Magento 2 Frontend Development with ClojureScript


Most developers agree: development with Magento 2 is better than Magento 1. However, the frontend development experience is somewhat lacking.

The search for something better took Vinai outside the usual JavaScript stack, into the land of new languages that compile to JavaScript to run in the Browser, like Elm and ClojureScript.

This talk is a subjective report and demo how it is to build parts of the store front with ClojureScript.

The focus of the presentation is on the developer experience and the workflow and
not on language details.

About Vinai

Freelance Web Developer since 1998, started with Magento 1 in 2008.
Magento Certified, Member of the Magento Certification Board, 2 time Magento Master.
Author of the Magento 1 developer book “Grokking Magento”.
Father, husband, runner, beekeeper, nature-lover.
Currently working as a freelance developer, consultant and trainer.

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