Failing My Way to the Top: Overcoming Adversity and Finding Personal Success

Phillip Jackson


Success takes many forms – but the most satisfying is achieving personal success. Personal success can best be described as reaching your own personal achievements. Along the way we all face trials and hardship – and it’s our determination and perseverance that leads us to having satisfaction with your life and career. In this talk two-time Magento Master Phillip Jackson will talk about the failures and challenges that led to success in his career, and the changes coming in our industry which may prove that the hardest battles are still ahead of us.

About Phillip

With over 15 years of experience creating unique online customer experiences, Phillip has both built and managed digital commerce for some of the world’s most recognizable brands. He is a two-time Magento Master and a 4x Magento Certified Developer. Phillip is a thought-leader in the area of transformative commerce technologies and co-hosts the successful podcasts MageTalk, Merchant to Merchant and Future Commerce with over 50,000 monthly listeners.

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