Using React-Native to build an M2 powered App on both iOS and Android


Having recently built and shipped an App that runs on both iOS and Android, is powered by the APIs made available in Magento 2 and utilises the cutting edge React Native framework from Facebook, the frontend team at JH are showing just how far Javascript development can take us these days.

This talk will dive into the reasons for going ‘native’ (and how this might change with PWA’s on the horizon), why we chose React Native (over the other players in the field) and how found it working with the current Magento APIs (from a performance point of view).

About Shane

As a frontend developer, Shane has been working on Magento websites for over 4 years. He’s creator of the popular & open-source project Browsersync, and is very much focused on improving the 2 areas of frontend development he finds most interesting –
the tooling used to improve workflow, and the overall performance of the Magento Platform.

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