The Command Line for Magento Developers


As Magento developers, we mostly work with Unix. The Unix command line is incredibly powerful and there’s no denying its importance and potential for productivity gain. Despite this, many developers feel alienated from or are not using it to its full potential. In this talk, Matthew discusses some of the basics a lot of people miss and explains how developers can engage with more complex tools that would benefit Magento developers specifically. In particular, he shows how a developer can create a command line tool as part of Magento 2’s ./bin/magento script.

About Matthew

Matthew Haworth has been working with PHP for over 12 years. From the early beginnings of battling with phpBB, he now finds solutions in e-commerce with Magento. As a Magento developer, he has worked for both agencies and as an independent consultant for many high street brands. Matthew is a PHP and Magento certified engineer and can be often be found lurking at most PHP meetups (usually at the bar).

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