Magento PWA Studio: See What’s On The Slab


We’ve all heard some big talk from the folks at Magento about a Progressive Web App theme, or module, or …Studio, and we shiver with anticipation. What can we expect in 2018, and what can the Magento community do to guide and contribute?

About James

James Zetlen is Frontend Architect at Magento. He supervises frontend development best practices and helps to lead innovative projects like Magento PWA Studio. He has done frontend and developer tooling work at PayPal, Volusion, and Blackbaud. His relationship with the Web goes back decades, and the thing is, he loves the Web. He loves that it takes an hour and a half to order a sandwich. He loves that it gets a little crinkle above its nose when it’s looking at him like he’s nuts. He loves—wait, this is from When Harry Met Sally.

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