Guest Host

Ben Marks

A prolific Mage Titan if ever there was one! Ben will be taking to the stage again to give us a quick update on events at Magento, then to act as master of ceremonies and introducing each speaker for the day.

About Ben

Long-Time Magento Developer, The Magento Evangelist, and Community Manager: Ben joined Magento in April 2014 as a Developer and Community Evangelist after spending 5 years working as a Magento developer and educator. He is responsible for helping Magento and its amazing community of users and developers to be as connected as possible.

Raised in North Carolina, Ben moved to Charleston putting his psychology degree to use – playing drums full time. He accidentally became a programmer due to his addiction to automobiles and the realisation that he could build a wiring harness for an MR2. First came Cold Fusion, then came PHP by way of osCommerce, aka “How to not learn programming”. Eventually Ben stumbled into CakePHP 1 & 2, Zend Framework 1, and eventually, Magento.

Ben has been working in the Magento community with some renown since October of 2008. After being brought into the Magento family as a Magento U trainer, he has moved up to his current status as Evangelist – as he was kind of doing that anyway! Now you’ll find him flying around the World speaking to thousands of people on the subject of Magento.

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